Police donate hydroponics kit to local football club Date published: 15th June 2016 8.58am

Crewe police officers have handed over equipment to Crewe Alexandra Football Club to help keep their pitch in pristine condition.

Local officers visited the ground on Friday, June 10 to hand over a hydroponics kit, which had come into possession of the police when they carried out a number of raids across the town in 2013.

The raids resulted in a 41-year-old man being sentenced in February 2015 to 5years 8months in prison and being subject to a proceeds of Crimes Act Confiscation Order more the £290,000.

Inspector Kate Woods said: “The cannabis farms were extensive and left us with a lot of kit which we knew could be put to good use by the club.

“We wanted this gesture to highlight to the community that we are taking illegal drugs off the streets all the time, and couldn’t do this without their help. You are integral in helping to tackle drug dealing in your community so I would urge anyone with information to contact 101.”

The kit includes specialist lamps, heaters and power connectors. It will be used by the club's ground staff to help maintain and improve those areas of the pitch that sometimes struggle to be restored to their pre-match condition.

Crewe Alex's stadium operation manager, Bev Dyer, said: “We would like to thank Crewe Police for the kind donation and we are sure the ground staff will be able to use the equipment to help with certain areas of the pitch.”