Residents called to action over knife crime Date published: 20th September 2018 2.27pm

Cheshire Constabulary have teamed up with community groups and partners in Runcorn to hold the town’s first knife sweep.

Runcorn police, community group Live Your Life, Drop The Knife, Halton Borough Council and housing trusts have joined forces to arrange a community knife sweep this Friday, September 21.

The sweep will involve searches of public areas in the town to try and find knives which carriers may have stashed so they are not caught carrying a knife by police.

The initiative is part of a wider national campaign to tackle knife crime, Operation Sceptre, and the Constabulary has also been working with partner agencies, such as Crimestoppers and Trading Standards, to try and educate people about the law about carrying and buying knives.

Chief Inspector Sarah Heath said: “Runcorn is a town which has been shocked to the core and is in mourning because of the tragic death of Eddie O’Rourke a few weeks ago.

“As a town we do not want anyone else to go through what Eddie’s family are going through. We are delighted that Louis and Live Your Life, Drop The Knife has agreed to take part in the sweep and we would encourage the rest of the Runcorn community to get involved.

“The police cannot beat knife crime without the help of the rest of the community and we would urge anyone with information about people who may be carrying knives to come forward and speak to us.”

Louis Bamber is a family friend of 18-year-old Eddie O’Rourke and the family have thrown their support behind the Live Your Life, Drop the Knife campaign.

Louis said: “We have a serious problem within the borough and across the country and we need everyone to get on board and help educate our children. We want to help reduce not just knife crime, but all attacks on a person.”

Everyone who wants to be involved in the sweep should meet by the Spar on Meadway at 4pm this Friday.