Speak out against Domestic Abuse this Christmas Date published: 1st December 2015 7.59am

Last week, Cheshire Police and John Dwyer, the Police & Crime Commissioner stood together supporting the White Ribbon campaign, condemning violence against women.

This week the Constabulary are reminding people to keep their cool this Christmas, count to ten before saying or doing something you’d regret.

Christmas is the season of goodwill, and a magical time. However it can sometimes leave some people feeling agitated and frustrated as the pressures of the day get too much.

Christmas is a time when everyone gets together, this can lead to a fraught and tense atmosphere. Combining that with alcohol, means the festivities can lead to arguments and potentially domestic violence/abuse.

Detective Superintendent Nigel Wenham said, “At this time of year, the police see an increase in domestic violence incidents. I’d ask people to think twice before ‘hitting the roof’ during the festive period. If you feel like you need to react to a situation, either verbally or physically, remove yourself from it. Count to ten, go for a walk, do something to help you calm down before embracing the festivities once again.”

Over the festive period, Cheshire Police will have dedicated resources on hand to deal with domestic incidents as they occur. Officers are equipped with powers that can help them to deal with perpetrators of domestic violence effectively and efficiently.

Detective Superintendent Nigel Wenham added, “We’re here for victims of domestic violence and will support them where are and when they need us. I would urge that you don’t let your Christmas turn blue, by flying off the handle. The Christmas dinner isn’t very appetising in the cells.”

More information about where to go to seek help regarding domestic abuse can be found on www.cheshire.police.uk/advice-and-support/domestic-abuse/