Tips to help businesses battle online criminals Date published: 4th February 2016 1.56pm

The internet is a fantastic and effective way to conduct business, and will continue to develop extensively over the coming years, with the use of ‘cloud’ facilities being developed throughout the world.

However, criminals are taking advantage of this booming online business. In the build up to Safer Internet Day, Cheshire Police are reminding businesses across the county to remain security conscious whilst they’re conducting their day to day business.

Detective Sergeant Brian Faint, from Cheshire Constabulary’s Economic Crime Unit said,

“It is vital that businesses are agile in their working practices, whilst ensuring they carry out due diligence with people and with online communications when doing business, so they don’t become the victim of fraud or cybercrime.”

Below are the key areas of online security that will protect businesses from online crime:

  • Social Engineering - is the route to many types of crime including fraud and identity theft. It refers to the act of manipulating or deceiving someone into certain actions including divulging personal or financial information. It exploits elements of human nature such as fear of loss, being protective, wishing to be helpful, or obliging others.
  • Business Security Planning - IT, as well as online security, is vital for organisations of any size. The alternatives include business interruption, poor legal compliance, impact on revenue, compromised reputation or, at worst, business failure. Therefore, you need to take a systematic approach to security and the first place to start is to compile and implement an effective business security plan.
  • Online Safety and Security - Every organisation relies on the internet to some degree or another for communications, transactions, payments and data access. Unfortunately, however, the internet has also become a channel of choice for criminals to commit financial and other crimes. Your organisation must take precautions to protect itself.
  • Fraud - Businesses and other organisations can be affected by many types of fraud, and it is essential to ensure that you are aware of the risks in your particular organisation, and how to identify and prevent it.

Additional safety advice can be found on the Get Safe Online website.